Blood Sweat & Cheers


This dry red is made from America’s oldest native grape, with roots tracing back as far as
Thomas Jefferson. These Norton grapes are finished dry in able to enjoy the distinct flavor of
the Norton grape.



The name of this wine, encapsulates our first year in business. Suffice it to say we learned a
great deal about the wine making industry; a very eye-opening experience. Some of what we
learned was new and some of the insight we gained was just a reinforcement of what we
already knew about the value of family and friends.
So here’s to the minimal blood that was shed, the sweat (both ours and those that truly helped
us produce the wine), the tears omitted from the name, but not the process, but mostly the
CHEERS to all-including our loyal customer base, whom without I would not be typing this.

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Weight 64 oz


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