Over The Fence


This wine, made with 100% raspberry juice, lets the taste of summer go on all year long.



A tribute to the summer time memories growing up, of which my sister had a huge part. As kids in a suburb of New Jersey, we didn’t necessarily have the wide-open spaces that we enjoy here in Columbia County. Our neighbors were close, both in proximity and in other more important ways. that don’t seem to quite exist today like they did back then. Mrs Gadberry had the proverbial yellow split-level, a German Sheppard named Missy and the best raspberries that stained our fingers and our polyester blends that were all too popular back in the 1970’s. When the bushes matured into full bloom, we finally got the go-ahead from our mom to pick some of the fruit, permitted they were Over the Fence.

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Weight 64 oz


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